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Identifying the Natives

Orange Group: R. calendulaceum There are fifteen native azalea species here in the Eastern United States. Dr. Kathleen Kron has developed an excellent method to help identify the natives by separating them into three color categories: white, pink, and orange [7]. She points out other distinguishing characteristics so that one can easily differentiate among the many species. Using her approach with additional information from Galle [3] [4] and Davidian [2], I have tried to develop a web site where people can learn to identify the East Coast Native Azaleas [6]. I am grateful to George McLellan, members of the Middle Atlantic Chapter ARS Species Study Group, Mike Creel, and others for providing slides of native azalea populations in the wild that I have not visited personally. It has allowed me to make a much more thorough presentation.


Donald W. Hyatt 2001-06-26