The Gregory Bald Hybrid Azaleas: Part 2
by Donald W. Hyatt

More Nice Clones on Gregory

Each trip to Gregory gives me a chance to see and appreciate the incredible beauty and diversity of the native azaleas on this mountain. The initial page called The Gregory Bald Hybrids was getting too long to show some of the exceptional varieties we continue to find and attempt to document. I have more clones to add to this page, but for now I hope you enjoy some of the latest treasures we identified in June 2000 on the top of Gregory Bald in the Smokey Mountains.

One thing that did concern us this trip was the prevalence of deer on the bald. We noticed significant deer browsing in places. If it continues, the damage to the azaleas will be a major loss to those who appreciate this rare natural beauty on the Gregory Bald.

More Special Hybrids on Gregory

Sandra's Pale Pink

Gregory Purple

Regenerating Pink

Big Yellow

Gregory Gold

Fire Engine Red

Gregory Kalaedescope

Gregory Neon Lights

Yellow with Pink Buds

Tangerine Glow

Deer on the Bald

Who Me?

On to the Next Buffet.

Evidence of Lunch

The Next Mouthful?
(Rattlesnake Cream)

The images on this page were taken by the author, Donald W. Hyatt.
Copyright © 2001 Donald W. Hyatt


East Coast Native Azaleas
R. vaseyi
R. canadense
R. canescens
R. austrinum
R. flammeum
R. periclymenoides
R. alabamense
R. atlanticum
R. calendulaceum
R. prinophyllum
R. viscosum
R. arborescens
R. cumberlandense
R. prunifolium
R. eastmanii

West Coast Native Azaleas
R. occidentale

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