The John C. and Margaret K. White
Horticultural Center

by Don Hyatt

Preserving a Great Garden

Margaret White (right) with Margaret Church in the Garden Margaret and John C. White purchased a 13 acre estate in Falls Church in 1939. It was on this lovely propety that they raised their children, and some of the most spectacular rhodendrons and azaleas in the Washington D.C. area.

Many gardeners plant their shrubs in flower beds with paths between them. With such a design, as the plants grow the landscape effect is lessened, and the paths soon turn into tunnels. The Whites had a vision to design the open areas or garden rooms first, and plant the shrubs around the perimeter. Now reaching its maturity, the garden shows the wisdom of such an approach, for each room provides inspiring vistas of the towering rhododendrons across the lawn.

In order to preserve the unique horticultural legacy of this estate, Margaret has made arrangements to transfer this property to the Fairfax County Park Authority, with the provision that the property be developed into a Horticultural Center. We are grateful to Margaret and the rest of the White family for preserving this beautiful estate for the rest of the people in our region. A "Friends" group is being organized to help support and maintain the White Garden.

The White Garden

Garden Rooms

Vistas in the White Garden

R. John C. White

Rhododendron John C. White

View from the Home

Interior Garden Room with View of
Azaleas and Rhodendron David Gable

R. makinoi 'Margaret White'

Rhododendron Species Selection
R. makinoi "Margaret White"