Don Hyatt's Garden

Welcome to my garden during spring, my favorite time of year. My late parents built this home in 1951, and I am still living there now. Most of the flowers you see in the garden are things that I planted, often as very small seedlings. I estimate that I must have 90 acres worth of plants on only 3/4 acre of land, but I enjoy my garden and would have a difficult time parting with any one of my treasures.
My Home
Garden Scene
The Garden in Early Spring
My Well
The Well House,
my source of water
Knap Hills

Yellow Knaphill Azaleas
in my Garden
Yellow Azalea
My Azalea Introduction
Yellow Cloud

Views of the garden looking...



from my Deck

towards azalea Dream,
my deck and me

at the Waterfall

More Views of the Garden

Early Midseason



Late Midseason


My plants don't die as often as my computers.
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