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'Hilda Niblett'

Hilda Niblett

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Cultivar Name 'Hilda Niblett'
Reference Number T17-5
Parentage ('Glacier' x 'Tama- giku') x 'Getsu- toku'
Published Source IRR 1984/85 (in RH 1985/86:102)
Spring Leaf Elliptic 40mm:1-9/16" x 19mm:3/4"
Foliaceous Calyx 5mm :3/16" strong Yellow Green (144B)
Corolla Size and Shape Diameter : 85mm:3-3/8"
Cone height: 36mm:1-7/16"
No. of lobes : 5-6
Alt. diameter: 85mm:3-3/8"
Alt. cone ht.: 35mm:1-3/8'
Petal length : 58mm:2-5/16"
Form: Single; broadly funnel-shaped; lobes [broad, overlapping; margins] frilled
Corolla Color As Registered
Pale tints of RHS 52D (strong Pink) to RHS 55D (pale purplish Pink), sometimes paler at margin; variously flecked, striped, or sectored RHS 50A (strong Red); occasionally selfed; throat greenish White; spotted RHS 185D (deep Pink), or RHS 59B (deep purplish Red) over markings

Measured 1992-93:
92: axial-RHS 49B (moderate Pink) / RHS 38B (moderate yellowish Pink)
93: axial-RHS 51D / RHS 49B (moderate Pink)

Flowers/Bud 1 fl./bud
Habit Low, spreading, dense
Flowering Period Early June

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Hilda Niblett

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