The Robin Hill Azaleas
by Donald H. Voss

About this Website

This Website contains history and images relating to the Robin Hill Azaleas, a hybrid group developed by Robert Gartrell of Wycoff, New Jersey. The articles and pictures are the work of Donald H. Voss, son-in-law of Robert Gartrell and the registrar of the plants.

All of the pictures contained on this site are copyrighted by Donald H. Voss. The Robin Hill texts are also copyrighted by Donald H. Voss as well as the Azalean, the journal of the Azalea Society of America. All rights are reserved.


  • History
    The story of the Robin Hill Azaleas as told by Donald H. Voss.
  • Descriptions
    A central starting point to get to the descriptions of the Robin Hill Azaleas. The cultivars are arranged in different alphabetical groups, and within each group the links are illustrated with thumbnail images of the flowers. Links from the sub-pages follow to pages with registration details.
  • Gallery
    This is a page of links to all of the images on this site. The links are organized by name but there are no thumbnail graphics.
  • Articles
    This page links to other articles on the Robin Hills and notes relating to how the names were selected. The information includes links to Robert Gartrell's evaluation records, registration details, and blooming sequence.
  • Sources
    This page includes nursery sources for the Robin Hill Azaleas.


In addition to Donald H. Voss, the following people have contributed to the development of this project in the following ways:
  • Donald Hyatt scanned in the slides and worked with Don Voss on color corrections. He also created this website and its various interfaces. The Robin Hill website is currently hosted on Don Hyatt's private domain:
  • Phil Louer scanned in the original texts and converted them to ASCII.
  • Barry Sperling proofed and corrected the registration data. He created a beta CD compilation that was distributed to members of the Northern Virginia Chapter ASA on February 22, 2004. That CD carried the copyright 2004 by Barry Sperling.

All items on this site are used with permission.

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Any questions or comments about this site should be directed to Don Hyatt:   Don@donaldhyatt.com

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