Native Azalea Species
Some Rarer Forms

Plants in the Wild

There is much diversity to the native azaleas in the wild, and one can find many exceptional forms if regions are studied carefully. Here are a few examples of some rarer forms I recently photographed in the Eastern Appalachians.
Double Calendulaceum Double R. calendulaceum
This was a beautiful double form of R. calendulaceum spotted in the woods near Wayah Bald in North Carolina. The flowers measured at least 1.5 inches across and were very heavy textured.
Double Cumberlandense Double R. cumberlandense
This double form of R. cumberlandense was found in the woods near Slaughter Mountain in Northern Georgia. The flower petals are quite narrow and floral effect was one of starry little orange pompoms about 1 inch across. This photo was taken after we had 3 inches of heavy rain the day before, so the flowers are a bit battered.
Red Vaseyi "Red" R. vaseyi
This is the deepest pink form of the species I have seen to date, and as such we refer to it as our "red" R. vaseyi. It was seen on a steep hillside near Mount Pisgah in North Carolina.