The Roan Highlands and Appalachian Trail
Some Favorite Plants and Scenes

The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail in the Roan Highlands winds along open balds ranging from 5000 to more than 6000 feet in elevation. The tops of the mountains are often cloaked in fog but on a clear day the views are spectacular.

Carver's Gap to Round Bald

Engine Gap to Jane Bald

Jane Bald to Grassy Ridge

Rhododendron catawbiense on Grassy Ridge

The Flame Azaleas

In June the Flame Azaleas, Rhododendron calendulaceum, put on a wonderful show. The flowers can range in color from yellow, through orange, to orange-red.

Flame Azaleas at Engine Gap

Flame Azaleas along the Trail

Flame Azaleas at Engine Gap

Flame Azaleas

Rare Wild Flowers

There are a number of rare wildflowers that grow on the Balds such as Gray's Lily and the Roan Mountain Bluet. These plants are endangered species so please do not pick the flowers or disturb the plants in any way.

Gray's Lily

Gray's Lily

Gray's Lily

The Roan Mountain Bluet

The Rhododendrons

The native Rhododendrons, R. catawbiense, can turn the entire mountain top pink out on Grassy Ridge but the area is beautiful all times of the year.

Grassy Ridge Point in Bloom

Rhododendrons on Grassy Ridge

Grassy Ridge Point

Rhododendrons Along the Trail

Grassy Ridge in Summer

Red Vaccinium on Grassy Ridge in Autumn