The Asian Influence in My Garden (continued)

Deciduous Azaleas

Several deciduous azalea species are Asian natives, including Rhododendron schlippenbachii from Korea with its magnificent pink to white blooms in early spring. Rhododendron molle from China and R. japonicum from Japan are also fine species, and were extensively used in the early Mollis and Ghent deciduous azalea hybrids as well as the Knap Hill and Exbury Hybrids which followed. These deciduous azalea hybrid groups were crosses of some of our own beautiful native species with the larger flowered forms from the Orient. I have enjoyed continuing some of the breeding lines in these beautiful deciduous azaleas, and have even registered a couple of hybrids including Yellow Cloud, which appeared on the cover of the American Rhododendron Society Journal after it took "Best Deciduous Azalea" at the National Convention in 1982.
Garden Scene
Knap Hill and Mollis Azaleas
Yellow Cloud
My Knap Hill Hybrid, Yellow Cloud
Exbury Hybrid, Marina
Exbury Hybrid, Cecile

Closing Thoughts

The Asian influence in my rhododendron and azalea garden is everywhere. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the plant explorers, nurseries, and private gardeners who have introduced and preserved so many fine clones over the past centuries. Without the care and foresight of these collectors, we would not have so rich a palette of plant materials from which to choose today. I hope we have the wisdom to carry on their noble tradition, preserving our native plant heritage, protecting our environment from invasive imports, yet continuing to enrich our gardens with choice species from abroad.

Garden in Early Spring
Views of the Garden

The Asian Influence in My Garden

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