Potomac Valley Chapter ARS

The Gable Rhododendrons (continued)

by George Ring

Gable Rhododendron Hybrids

Albert Close
Albert Close- a hybrid of maximum x macrophyllum. It can be very large. An easy grower and can take heat. Mr. Gable liked it more every year. Seed from Fraser.
Annie Dalton
Annie Dalton- Degram Pink. It won an Award of Excellence in 1960. Should be able to take minus 15 degrees.
Atroflo- open habit, red griersonianum type flowers. No. 2 is suposed to be the hardiest. Hardy to minus 10 degrees.
Gable's Woods
Beaufort- Boule de Neige x fortunei. A shy bloomer in shade. Blooms profusely in more exposure. Heat resistant.
Bosutch- Boule de Neige x sutchuenense. Very early. Flowers can stand some frost.
Pink Bosutch
Pink Bosutch- blooms a week later.
Brachycarpum hybrid
Brachycarpum hybrid- This picture was taken at Tony Shammarello's home.
Caroline- discolor or maybe brachycarpum hybrid. Will grow in poor soil. Large leaves; scented. Hardy to minus 15 deg.
Disca- Reported to be R. discolor x Caroline but parentage is disputed by some. Blooms a week after Cadis. (Comments by Don Hyatt)
Cadis- Caroline x discolor. Very fragrant, late, outstanding grower. Award of Excellence 1959. Hardy to minus 10 deg. Sibling is Robert Allison, perhaps a little hardier and blooms a week later.
Cat-Fort-Campy #2
Catfort campy #2 has been named Hannah Hersey. There is also from this cross DuPonts Apricot and Salmon Bamboo. Hardy to minus 5 deg.
County of York
County of York- Catawbiense Alba x Loderi group. Previously called Catalode. Grows well in many conditions, best in light shade. Roots and grafts easily. Very plant hardy, to minus 15 deg. Distinctive curved leaves.
David Gable
David Gable- Atrosanguineum x fortunei. Blooms about the same time as many evergreen azaleas, just as the tree leaves unfold. Hardy to minus 15 deg.
James Allison
James Allison- Mary Belle x vernicosum, aff., R 18139. Gable did not release this one for want of more testing. Eventually Caroline did release it.
Katherine Dalton
Katherine Dalton - smirnowii x fortunei. Large shapely plant, unbothered by insects. An easy grower with a trace of indumentum. Occasionally wants to bloom a bit in the fall. Hardy to minus 15 deg.
Henry Yates
Henry Yates- wardii or litense hybrid. Very faint pale yellow with attractive foliage. Hardy to minus 15 deg.
Madfort- Madonna x fortunei. Huge white flowers, fragrant. Seedlings are easy to grow. Named clones are Yelton's Choice, Bellfort, Big Bells and White Lily. For a white large growing plant,it's one of my favorites.
Mary Belle
Mary Belle- Atrier x dechaem. Flowers open salmon-pink, fading to buff yellow. Heavy bloomer, slow growing. Good parent for hybridizing.
Mary Garrison
Mary Garrison- fortunei cream x vernicosum aff R 18139
Gable's Woods
Milo- brachycarpum x dechaem . Handsome plant but requires excellent drainage.
Smirnowii-yak- Haag's selection, because they liked this form so much. I grew this form along with Leach's Mist Maiden and unless had tags on the plants I couldn't tell the difference.
Gable's Woods
Gable's Peaches- parentage unknown. A 12 foot plant bloomed for me on Bent Mountain, and put on quite a show in fair shade. I don't know how it would do in more exposure. Probably a smirnowii cross.
Mac Kantrus
Mac Kantruss- Heat Resistant.
Maxhaem Salmon
Maxhaem Salmon- The true haematodes from Magor was the pollen parent, and the only thing in bloom when the pollen arrived was maximum, so he used it, and this is the result.
Pioneer- racemosum x mucronulatum. Very early and hardy to minus 20 deg.

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