Landscaping the School

By Donald W. Hyatt


When I came to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 1985, the landscape was rather stark and severe. Although I am a computer science teacher, I have had a life long interest in plants, so I thought I would try to help a little bit with the beautification of our campus. With the help of fellow teacher Chuck Sane and some students, we first established an azalea display at the main entry to the school. Since the cost of landscape size plants can be prohibitively expensive for a large school campus, I thought I would try raising seedlings from my rhododendron and azalea hybridizing program here at school. Eventually we could plant them out around the campus.

Main Entrance at TJHSST

School Entry
Main Entrance
Azalea planting

Landscaping the School

  1. Introduction
  2. The Plant Preservation Club
  3. New Azalea Hybrids
  4. Planting Things Out
  5. Closing Thoughts

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