Landscaping the School (continued)

Planting Things Out

By the spring of 1995, it was time to give some of the plants permanent homes. We had been looking for landscape sites around the campus, and with approval of the school administration started with a wide planting bed around the perimeter of the parking lot. Although an expanse of asphalt would add to summer heat stress, tall trees on neighboring property would provide some afternoon shade. Anyway, heat tolerance is a very desirable characteristic for plants in our region. We even managed to spruce up the fire hydrant behind the Computer Systems Lab with a dogwood tree, azaleas, bulbs, and summer annuals.

Parking lot
The Parking lot area
Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant behind the CS Lab
More parking lot
More parking lot
Seedling azaleas and rhododendrons

Landscaping the School

  1. Introduction
  2. The Plant Preservation Club
  3. First Blooms
  4. Planting Things Out
  5. Closing Thoughts

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