The Dexter Rhododnedrons and Their Descendants

Charles Owen Dexter was one of the first east coast gardeners to start a massive rhododendron breeding program. Retiring from the textile industry in 1921 due to poor health, he started raising many rhododendrons from seed. His health improved and he continued his hybridizing until his death in 1943 at the age of 81. Charles Dexter raised thousands of plants at his Heritage Plantation on Cape Cod, and since then other hybridizers have used some of his plants to continue breeding new varieties. Only recently have many of the Dexters made it to commercial markets. The Dexter hybrids are proving to among the best rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic region.
GiGi Scintillation Tom Everett
My favorite Rose Red
The most widely grown Dexter
in the Middle Atlantic region
Tom Everett
A superb lavender pink
Wheatley Janet Blair
A Second Generation Dexter
by Howard Phipps
My favorite pink!
Janet Blair
A Dexter derivative from
Dr. David Leach

Some Other Favorite Dexters

Reliable Rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic Region

  1. Introduction
  2. The Dexter Rhododendrons
  3. The Gable Rhododendrons
  4. Recent East Coast Rhododendron Hybrids
  5. Species Rhododendrons
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