Recent East Coast Rhododendron Hybrids

Members of the American Rhododendron Society are actively developing new varieties for our region, and we willingly share seed and pollen from our hybridizing programs with other chapter members. Here are some more recent hybrids which are now available on the market, but the leading edge in rhododendron hybridizing is happening in private gardens all around our region. It will be years before the newest things become commercially available, but these beautiful hybrids should soon be available at local nurseries.
Martha Phipps Golden Star Donna Hardgrove
Martha Phipps
A Howard Phipps hybrid
now in tissue culture
Golden Star
One of the best yellows
Donna Hardgrove
A striking orange blend

John C. White

John C. White

This excellent hybrid is a cross of rhododendron Vulcan and Gable's form of the species R. fortunei . The hybrid was developed by Ray and Jane Goodrich of Vienna, VA, and named in honor of the late J.C. White of Falls Church, VA. The White Garden is being preserved as a Horticultural Center in Fairfax County.

Reliable Rhododendrons for the Middle Atlantic Region

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